The Attraxxion are Cleveland's Hottest 80s cover band. We perform all 80s music, and we perform it LIVE... It’s all about BIG SONGS, BIG HAIR, and BIG FUN. Whether you were born in the 80s, are a fan of 80s music, or just stuck in the 80s, we will entertain you and have you on your feet dancing.

Our performance consists of high-energy hit songs. Whether your goal is to entertain guests, to attract more customers, to promote a product/business, or to shock your grandmother, we will rewind you back to the fabulous 80s, the decade of decadence.

The Attraxxion are available for parties, special events, corporate events, festivals and fairs, theme parks, bars and nightclubs, casinos, and wedding receptions ( all of which we have done!). You can see us perform live all over Northeastern Ohio.

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